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no but i really don’t get why people were all ‘lol Chad had to bring it up for Ichigo to notice Orihime’ like 1) no??? he didn’t??

and 2) do people think Ichigo can’t see Orihime, or something? that he has a blind spot wherever she happens to be standing? she has a big black spot covering her so he’s incapable of seeing her or noticing anything about her? do they think he has selective macular degeneration whenever orihime’s around? lol

i mean just cos chad brought it up doesn’t mean ichigo didn’t notice it before then. I DON’T UNDERSTAND

Yeah but you can’t argue that he did notice because he hadn’t noticed until Chad brought it up. Because that’s what happened in canon and you saying that he “probably” noticed is subjective because that didn’t happen in canon.  Then he was HORRIFIED and that’s why Orihime cried. Because she knew that and didn’t get the reaction she hoped for

I DON’T UNDERSTAND, even if he had noticed her before Chad brought it up. He didn’t like it and that’s all that really matters LOL

I didn’t say the word ‘probably’, so I don’t know why you have quotation marks around that word. Who are you quoting?

‘Yeah but you can’t argue that he did notice because he hadn’t noticed until Chad brought it up. Because that’s what happened in canon’

Actually, that’s exactly what I’m arguing. There’s literally nothing to indicate that Ichigo was noticing Orihime’s outfit for the first time when Chad brought it up. Ichigo looked shocked (horrified, if you want) when he was looking right towards Chad, before he looked at Orihime. That means that that expression was not because he was shocked by her outfit. He wasn’t even looking at her when he first wore that expression.

That expression was because he was being asked about her outfit. He was mortified that he was being asked to comment on it. That’s obvious.

I repeat: there’s absolutely nothing to indicate that he’s noticing her outfit for the first time. If you want to talk about what happened in canon and what didn’t happen in canon, then, well, you can’t argue that he only noticed her outfit only when Chad brought it up. Because that’s not canon.

‘Then he was HORRIFIED’

He was horrified because he was being asked about it. His immediate reaction was to be horrified, and it’s quite clear that his ‘horror’ was nothing to do with her outfit, but to do with being asked about it. I don’t understand your use of the word ‘then’. ‘Then’ means next; afterwards. His immediate reaction was to be horrified about being asked about her outfit, but after that, he doesn’t look horrified. He starts sweating and blushing furiously. He doesn’t look horrified then, so I don’t understand what you’re saying.

And… there’s also nothing to indicate that he didn’t like her outfit. All he said was that it was ‘a bit revealing’ (with a lot of hesitation btw), not that he didn’t like it. Orihime started exaggerating and thought that Ichigo was calling her a pervert and exhibitionist – something he quite clearly wasn’t. This exaggeration is done for comic relief, and is in line with Orihime’s over-imaginative nature. It’s not what he said at all.
Nothing Ichigo says or did indicates that he disliked her outfit. Even the part where he said that it’s ‘a bit revealing’, you have Yoruichi heavily implying that Ichigo wasn’t being forthright with his opinion.

Finally, my blog is new, only 3 weeks old. I haven’t blocked you yet; I know I should have blocked you as soon as I started, but I forgot. I know you’re a persistent cross-tagger and a rather unpleasant person. I hope you’re not offended if I block you now. I don’t like seeing your url in my activity page, and I have no interest in seeing your posts when you cross-tag. I will check your blog to see if you reply to this though.

The denial is so strong. People are literally clinging for dear life to Ichigo’s words alone in order to prove that he didn’t like Orihime’s clothes, despite the numerous panels of him blushing furiously and sweating because of his attraction and embarrassment—his face tells a completely different story than his words. Not to mention, the shocked look on his face was there before his gaze had even shifted to Orihime. If it were truly the very first time he had noticed her outfit, he would have had to actually look at her first in order to react. But instead he was shocked while still looking at Chad (his eyes then literally change directions from Chad to Orihime in the consecutive panels themselves), because he knew exactly what Chad was talking about without even having to look at Orihime first. And then you have Yoruichi implying that he wasn’t being honest by calling him a coward, and let’s not forget Urahara:

It is explicitly stated that Urahara created Orihime’s outfit with Ichigo specifically in mind (hmm, I wonder why?), because he knew that it would make Ichigo “very happy.” Based on the persistent blush on Ichigo’s face, Urahara was correct in thinking that her outfit would make Ichigo “very happy,” and even comments that the entire exchange went “better than expected.” If Ichigo wasn’t “very happy,” as Urahara expected him to be, then his plan would have failed and he wouldn’t say “I’m glad I took the time to make that outfit.” Clearly, his plan of reducing Ichigo to a flustered, sweating mess because of his attraction to her succeeded with flying colors.

Ichigo is attracted to Orihime, so much that Urahara actually went out of his way to take the time and effort to tease him about it. Incredible.

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after almost a week without electricity (because of a typhoon)
electricity: I'M BACK BABY!


Things women look for in a man:

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Dear fans who can’t let anyone enjoy their ship for a chapter because God forbid it contradicts yours