who’s the artist? 


instead of doing homework i decided to do this because its more important

i had a blast doing this piece of poop love


needs more dakka.

hmmm… I haven’t been on tumblr for a while.

*cautiously peeks at the number of followers* *sigh of relief*

well, at least I haven’t lost too many followers (i think i lost 1 or two and then had 2 new… but who’s counting right?) 

Currently I am still not over Naruto ending in 5 weeks… also, I am drowning in a lot of NaruSasuNaru feels right now…

aAaaaAh… aside from that… I haven’t drawn any fan art lately *cries* my new job is so tiring I only get to play video games for 1 hour then fall asleep as soon as I’m done. But I will draw again (and this time I might focus on other pairings like Gruvia, Sasusaku and Renruki) ONCE I get used to my schedule at work and Japanese language lessons. Ah! I must prepare Halloween fan arts too… Oh and I also need to finish an original comic… *looks over at the pile of work on my desk* Might go on Semi-hiatus for now… uuuuggghh…

Sensei missing his kids so they decided to call him telling him to come home soon since they’re all waiting.




Source/translation by cielesque :)

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, omg so precious 


Bleach characters + Orihime’s powers

"Orihime’s powers aren’t going to get a focus, and she doesn’t even matter anyways. She’s not some powerful goddess and she’s not even important, so stop talking about it." - some sore-ass losers in the Bleach fandom


reunited and it feels so good


reunited and it feels so good

だめだめだ (It’s Absolutely No Good) - Shiori Tomita

Chapter 694 Review:


We basically have Sasuke calling Naruto his most precious person and his light. Then, we have Sasuke telling Naruto that because of this, he has to kill Naruto.

How people can not see SN/NS as canon is beyond me.

10/10 because everything was set up and Sasuke’s explanation was understandable and clear (as well as Naruto’s). I can totally see where he’s coming from and HOLY FUCK, HE’S TRYING KILLING HIS BAE BECAUSE HIS BAE IS HIS LIGHT.

He goes left and you stay right 
Between the lines of fear and blame.. You begin to wonder why you came.