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I might not be able to draw day 6 in time because I suddenly came down with a cold… Anyway, any fanfic writers out there who wants to do a collab with me for the last day of the IH month? Just a short drabble and I’ll do a comic of it… if you guys want that is.  I’ll just choose the first two who’ll volunteer… (well, if you don’t mind working with me >.< also if you think my art is worthy enough.. ehehehe)

If there’s none, that’s cool too XD Ummm… soooo… Happy Ichihime month you guys! Let’s end this with a bang :D


Aren't you letting your guard down too much?
me: Oh what the fuck
friend: what happened?
me: this scenario I created in my head got intense

Orihime week day one

Suddenly overwhelmed with feels because of the ih fan art i drew and my heart is just crying again for kamina and yoko… Gawd i love those two… Kamina you butt, why’d you have to die *goes to cry in corner for life*

Ichihime Month Fan Art Week Day 5: “Anime Crossover”


note: it took longer to decide on what anime i should draw than the actual drawing… based on one of the images here… :) 


56.pillows + 5.dolls  


Ichihime month ♥ Hug

I’m late but I just couldnt not participate in this ichihimemonth :<


My queen~  (◡‿◡✿)

basedsaeko: Omg your artwork is just simply just too cute (: I just wanted to let you know that :3

OMG. Thank you so much. *cries* This makes me very happy… thank you!image

Also, I love your edits and I can’t believe you followed back. Thanks again!