The people in Naruto ‘verse must have really high tolerance for pain because holy fuck, all this stealing and switching eyes has gotta hurt like a bitch.

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La mode de Bleach

Part 1/ Part 2 /Part 3

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Weekly Shonen Jump- April 21, 2014

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do you have those friends on tumblr 

that you pretty much never talk to 

but you follow them and they follow you 

and whenever you see them on your dash 

it just makes you smile and you’re so happy they’re there 

and yet you’ve still barely spoken to one another 

because i have a few of those 

and i love you to bits okay 

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Transparent SnK Pairings for your blog.

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» 40 Anime questions:
1: What is your #1 favorite anime?
2: Has an anime ever made you cry?
3: Which anime made you laugh the hardest?
4: If you could make a spin-off of any anime, what would it be?
5: List your top 5 anime's
6: List your top 5 anime OSTs
7: Have you ever watched an entire anime in one sitting?
8: Who is your favorite anime character?
9: Name an anime character you absolutely hate
10: What is your favorite 'moe' anime?
11: What is your favorite drama anime?
12: What is your favorite romance anime?
13: What is your favorite comedy anime?
14: What is your favorite action anime?
15: What is your favorite harem anime?
16: What is your favorite ecchi anime?
17: What is your favorite mech anime?
18: What is your favorite drama anime?
19: What is your favorite slice of life anime?
20: What is your favorite adventure anime?
21: What is the first anime you ever saw?
22: You get to have a harem of [6] anime characters of your choice, who do you choose?
23: What is the most times you've re-watched an anime?
24: Name [1] anime you wish everyone would watch
25: What is an anime you regret watching?
26: You get to have [1] anime character as your waifu/husbando in real life, who do you choose?
27: Which anime character are you most like?
28: Do you watch a new anime because you think it will be good, or because its popular?
29: Has an anime's fanbase ever made you hesitant to watch an anime?
30: How many anime episodes is 'ideal' for you?
31: Have you ever watched an anime with over 23 episodes?
32: If you could make a game for an anime of your choice, what would it be and why?
33: Would you ever watch an anime with over 100 episodes?
34: Have you ever watched an anime only because you liked a specific character?
35: Have you ever dropped an anime, if so why?
36: In your opinion, what makes a good anime?
37: Name a popular anime you love
38: Name a popular anime you hate
39: Is there an anime you wish was more popular?
40: Thoughts on live-action adaptations?
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"If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t attack me when I say not to.”
[1/10 female characters} Inoue Orihime

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